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onsdag den 12. februar 2014

Heavenly oatmeal cookies with almond and vanilla


I would go visit my grandparents yesterday and the other pair of grandparents today, so I decided yesterday to make some cookies. I love crackers and cookies with oatmeal in, so I found a recipe online and got some ideas from there. I sat down with a pen and began to form my own and different recipe from the one I saw. It ended with some super delicious and overly crisp oatmeal cookies with almond and vanilla , which I was quite proud to have made! I actually think they taste better than the oatmeal cookies you can buy in stores. They are also super easy to make !

tirsdag den 4. februar 2014

Delicious cottage cheese and spinach pie!

Then it was time for a nice , quick and easy meat-free pie here on the blog ! I do think that you can easily put in 200g of minced chicken or beef too!