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fredag den 25. oktober 2013

Ovenbaked Spring Rolls


So I finally made some homemade spring rolls . They were really delicious, but next time I will make them with plain noodles instead of rice noodles as plain noodles have much more flavor I think. But that's your choice! :-)

lørdag den 19. oktober 2013

Delicious And Easy Pastadish!


Yes it was time for another dish in here. I know it well being busy and all that, but I really still would like a delicious and quick lunch or dinner. So look here then! Easy, fast and delicious!

lørdag den 12. oktober 2013

Homemade Lasagna!

Hello " Out there "
The lasagne was super delicious! It is quick to make and it does not require many kitchen skills to do it!

søndag den 6. oktober 2013

Homemade Mushroom Risotto!


So are you ready for a delicious mushroom risotto? Then take a look here! It was wildly delicious, I could eat it every day ! YUM ! It was super simple and really easy to make, and quick ! This recipe is not with white wine. I have made risotto with white wine, my family loved it but I never liked wine. So now you get a recipe with no white wine in, you can always add it your self! I really love this recipe !