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søndag den 8. september 2013

The Perfect Strawberry Ice Cream!

Hello "Out there"
Yesterday I sat down to find inspiration about strawberry ice cream, so I could form my own perfect recipe, which I think really was perfect! And it's really fast to make! The recipe does NOT include eggs.

6-8 people
1 can condensed milk (approximately 400 g)
½ liter of whipping cream
1 cup of low-fat milk (or just the milk you like)
1 bag frozen strawberries (500 g)
Seeds of one vanilla pod

Let the strawberries defrost. Whip the cream, but beware not too much! Turn in the condensed milk into the cream, add the seeds of one vanilla pod and the milk. The frozen strawberries chopped into small pieces, and then before you throw them in the mix, you have to mash them into the mixture so that the juice comes out of the strawberries. I used my hands, as it was easy and fast. But mash them little by little with your hand into the mixture and then throw them in. This makes the flavor come out into the mix and there are still beautiful bites of strawberries in the mix! When it's all mixked well around, and the mixture has got a nice pink color, it is ready to get a trip in an ice machine. You do not need an ice cream maker, you can also choose to put the mixture in the freezer and stir every twenty minutes until it is not possible to stir it more more (4-6 hours). Otherwise, into the ice maker with the mixture, and then you have a delicious strawberry ice cream. My ice maker is not particularly good, so even if it gets into the machine, it also have to get a few hours in the frezer afterwards before it is ready to be served!

But now enjoy the wonderful ice cream!

Bon appetite!

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