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torsdag den 26. september 2013

Homemade Pasta!

Hello out there!

So I finally got my first pasta machine, yes! So yesterday it was about time to use it! the pasta was super delicious and I served it with homemade tomato sauce and Italian meatballs, yum! but I have already posted the recipe of the sauce and the italian meatballs, so you can find those on the blog!

6 people
250 g of durum flour
250 g of wheat flour
5-6 egg perhaps only five perhaps six, depends on the size
1 tablespoon of oil
1 teaspoon of salt
Maybe teaspoon of sweet chili for a little spice!

Mix the dry parts together on the table and make a "hole" in the middle where there is room for eggs and oil, pour 5 of the eggs in. Begin mixing it up, a bit of the dry mixture at a time. Finally there must be kneaded a bit and then in the fridge with the dough (covered) in ½ -1 hour. Take the dough out and cut a small piece of it, take the small piece and then you shake a little flour over before you run it through the machine first, then a little flour againagain, fold the dough and run it through again, repeat a few times so the dough is kneaded the last bit. Then you begin to change the numbers so there's less and less space where the pasta get through, and once you have reached the thickness you think is the right cut it into strips by the machine or by hand! So, this process is repeated a few times until you have a lot of pasta! but be careful not to leave it all on top of each other! Boil them a few minutes in some water with a little salt and an extra tablespoon of oil! then you have a delicious and fresh pasta! yum :-)

Bon appetite!

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