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torsdag den 26. september 2013

Homemade Pasta!

Hello out there!

So I finally got my first pasta machine, yes! So yesterday it was about time to use it! the pasta was super delicious and I served it with homemade tomato sauce and Italian meatballs, yum! but I have already posted the recipe of the sauce and the italian meatballs, so you can find those on the blog!

mandag den 16. september 2013

Marinated Chicken Breast - Tender And Delicious!

Hello "Out there"

I'm going to show you a great recipe to make a tender and juicy chicken breast in a delicious marinade! I made the marinade about 4 hours before I roasted the chicken breasts so they could lie and have "fun in it". But even better would probably be if the chicken got into the marinade for 8-12 hours!

fredag den 13. september 2013

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls! + A how to do it video!

Hello Out there!
So I made my own recipe for delicious cinnamon rolls, yum, they were good and delicious! and they are super quick to make and perfect for a cup of coffee or tea with a friend :-)

søndag den 8. september 2013

The Perfect Strawberry Ice Cream!

Hello "Out there"
Yesterday I sat down to find inspiration about strawberry ice cream, so I could form my own perfect recipe, which I think really was perfect! And it's really fast to make! The recipe does NOT include eggs.

fredag den 6. september 2013

Homemade delicious creamy tomato / red pepper soup with cream cheese

Hello Out there!
Then it was time for a homemade delicious creamy tomato / red pepper soup with piquant cheese (cream cheese with herbs)! It tastes super delicious, but it's not something you should eat too much of, since it is reasonable unhealthy. But you can settle with one package of  cream cheese (200g) instead of 2, or no cream cheese and settle just for coffee cream, just a little extra spice, though cream cheese really is delicious in this soup!

tirsdag den 3. september 2013

Delicious Homemade Falafels!

Hello Out there!
Then it was time for some falafels here on my blog, it was my first attempt and I think they were fantastic! full of flavor and you could eat lots of them! They were super with my homemade salsa, which you can find here on the blog too!

søndag den 1. september 2013

Homemade Delicious Salsa!

Hello "Out there"

The other day I made homemade falafels (and they tasted great!) Which was in some sort of tortilla pancakes along with some salad and some salsa and sour cream. Then I thought that I could mix a homemade salsa together instead of buying it. It's super quick to make and tastes wonderful, I will certainly never buy salsa again!